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Style Guide

CSS Style Sheets & Tips

Library projects must use valid Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control typography, color, and other layout elements. Style Sheets must be linked in a way that accommodates the capabilities of new and old browsers.

CSS Guidelines 1, 2, 3
Introduction to CSS (with examples), CSS definitions and benefits, tips on authoring, plus extensive resources
Steal These Style Sheets!
Style Sheets for your use in Library projects
CSS Validation
Ensuring that your Style Sheets are error–free (same as XHTML validation)

A number of valid Style Sheets have been provided for your use. If you wish to create your own Style Sheets, please discuss your requirements with the Branch Library's Web Coordinator.

descendant elements. The rules for the establishment of a containingblock are as follows:

  1. The containing block of the "root element" (also calledthe initial containingblock) is established by the user agent. InHTML, the root element is the HTML element,although some browsers may incorrectly use BODY.

    It has been argued that all foreground content is always shown"in front of " all background content, and the behaviorof floated elements seems to support this interpretation. On theother hand, the CSS2 property z-index makes thisreasoning more complicated. As of this writing, implementations havenot yet advanced sufficiently to test this out, and the CSS2description of z-index doesn't really shedany light on this subject.

    Figure 8-45

    Figure 8-45. A single-line inline element

    This is the simplest case of an inline element contained by a block-level element, no different in its way than a paragraph with two words in it. The only differences are that in Figure 8-45, we have a few dozen words and that most paragraphs don't contain an explicit inline element such as SPAN.

    In order to get from this simplified state to something more familiar, all we have to do is determine how wide the element should be, and then break up the line so that the resulting pieces will fit