Show," instead of the MIME type text/css.Even older servers may not have any mapping for.css, and so will serve up the files astext/plain.


When it comes right down to it, the extension isn't actuallythe important part. What matters is the MIME type the server useswhen sending a file. However, since the vast majority of web serversuse a file's extension to decide which MIME type to use when

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Style Guide

CSS Style Sheets & Tips

Library projects must use valid Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control typography, color, and other layout elements. Style Sheets must be linked in a way that accommodates the capabilities of new and old browsers.

CSS Guidelines 1, 2, 3
Introduction to CSS (with examples), CSS definitions and benefits, tips on authoring, plus extensive resources
Steal These Style Sheets!
Style Sheets for your use in Library projects
CSS Validation
Ensuring that your Style Sheets are error–free (same as XHTML validation)

A number of valid Style Sheets have been provided for your use. If you wish to create your own Style Sheets, please discuss your requirements with the Branch Library's Web Coordinator.

Figure 4-40

Figure 4-40. Percentage alignments can affect the height of a line

Of course, this sort of thing can lead to some fun visual effects, as we see in Figure 4-41:

SUB {vertical-align: -100%;}
SUP {vertical-align: 100%;}
<P>We can either <SUP>soar to new heights</SUP> or, instead,
<SUB>sink into despair...</SUB></P>
Figure 4-41

Figure 4-41. Percentages and fun effects

marginIE4 P/P IE5 P/Y NN4 B/B Op3 Y/-

This setsthe size of the overall margin of an element. Vertically adjacentmargins of block-level elements are collapsed to be as large as thelargest margin, whereas inline elements effectively do not takemargins (they are allowed, but have no effect on page layout). Onlythe left and right margins of inline elements have any effect, andare not collapsed. Margins set on floated elements are not collapsedwith other margins under any circumstance. Negative values arepermitted, but caution is recommended.