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CSS Style Guide

XHTML Guidelines & Benefits

XHTML is the standard markup language for web documents and the successor to HTML 4. Library projects must be authored in structural XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

The following topics provide all the information you need to create well-formed XHTML pages that validate and are accessible, and/or to convert old HTML pages to valid, well-formed, accessible XHTML:

The meaning of these values is shown in Table 7-1.

Table 7-1. Values of the list-style property and their results

These properties can only be applied to any element that has a display of list-item , of course, but CSS doesn't distinguish between ordered and unordered list items. Thus, you might be able to set an ordered list to use

XHTML Guidelines
The rules of XHTML as compared to HTML — an easy transition
What is XML?
A brief introduction to the foundation of XHTML
XHTML Benefits
The benefits of converting from HTML to XHTML
XHTML Authoring Tips 'n Tools
Simplifying the work process—includes tips on using Dreamweaver
XHTML Accessibility Tips
Making sure your pages can be read
XHTML Validation
Keeping your markup kosher

half as wide as it would ordinarily appear. In most browsers, theheight will be scaled to match, unless it has been explicitly set toa certain value. Figure 8-27 shows a fewpossibilities.

Figure 8-27

Figure 8-27. Scaling images with the width property

It's also possible to scale an image (or other replacedelement) using height:

<IMG SRC="test.gif" STYLE="display: block;" ALT="test image">list-item.


UL {list-style-type: square;}
OL {list-style-type: lower-roman;}
marginIE4 P/P IE5 P/Y NN4 B/B Op3 Y/-

This sets the size of the overall margin of an element. Vertically adjacent margins of block-level elements are collapsed to be as large as the largest margin, whereas inline elements effectively do not take margins (they are allowed, but have no effect on page layout). Only wrong -- assuming they do.

For their trial run, they decide to use a one-page article that talksabout suricates in general terms, examining their life in the wildand their general appeal to humans. The article appears in themagazine as shown in Figure 11-6.

Figure 11-6

Figure 11-6. The original print document

Obviously, the folks at Meerkat Monthly have

6.1.4. Good Practices

You may have noticed that in almost every circumstance, where we set a foreground color, we also set a background color. In general, this is a good idea. Since you don't know what styles a user may have predefined, you don't know how your styles might interact with them. Remember the example where links ended up being white on white? That's the sort of thing we want to avoid.

Let's explore this in a little more detail. Assume the